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Online Coaching

We offer online coaching to help you reach your goals. Whether it is fat loss, muscle building, or just overall health.

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Personal Training

We offer personal training sessions in Beirut in your own gym or in a private space to ensure your privacy.

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Meal problems? Trouble sticking to your diet? No worries, we got you covered and love to help.

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What we can help you with

Building muscle

We offer evidence-based approaches to bulk up and gain muscle for both men and women. Whether you just want some more muscle to look good or are a bodybuilder who’s aiming to get on stage, we tailor our muscle-building program to your personal needs.

Living healthy

Personal training isn’t just for people who want to gain muscle or lose fat. Personal training is also perfect to reach your health goals.

Fat loss

Ready to lose fat? Get in touch with us! Our special fat loss program is guaranteed to make you lose those love handles and tummy fluff. With our evidence-based approach we will surely get you lose all the fat you want.

Getting in shape

If you just want to feel better about yourself or want to lose some weight for a vacation for example, we’re here to help you out! Whether it is losing some fat or shaping those muscle, we got you covered. 

We help you to reach your goals
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Personal Training | What’s the added value?

So you’re considering to hire a personal trainer but still feel lost about what to expect to gain from this “extra” service. Let me break it down for you. Let’s start with the “why”, why do you need a personal trainer. I can think of so many occasions where a trainee could benefit from this service, the list is long. Let’s name a few: As a beginner, you are lost in the gym area, are unsure of how to train,…

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Be Wise! Let the coach do the coaching

Hello, Let’s talk about professional expertise & results today. Why is it important to hire a coach🏃‍? What do you do when feeling ill & sick? Call/see a Dr. Why do you visit a dentist👩‍🔬? To take care of your teeth health. Why do you call a plumber👨‍🔧? To fix your household pipes. It’s the same concept behind why you’d hire ANY professional for their expertise. 👉Same applies to the nutrition & fitness industry! You want a solution for your…

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Cheat Meal vs Refeed day

Cheat meal Let’s first touch base with the word “cheat”. Cheating is a wrong thing to do, right? The word itself is associated with guilt, regret, shame and self-judgement, All in all negative feelings! For many years, in the beginning of my fitness journey, I was influenced by so many bodybuilders’ & fitness-models’ posts that I created a sort of disordered thinking regarding food. I would label it as “allowed” or “forbidden”, “good” or “bad”, “clean” or “cheat”. But as…

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Bulking Diaries – Series – Ep1

I want to start a series of posts about bulking and my current experience with it. We could all learn a thing or two together, right? So, let’s first start with the ” why I wanted to go into a bulking phase”. First, I must note that this is not my first time doing a bulk, aka going on a caloric surplus. But, it is the first time I run with a clear picture; as in tracking macros & micros,…

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