Online coach, your virtual coach!
Why do you need this service?

Hey guys, here’s a quick summary of how to use the “online coaching” service & how it can be the best fit for you.

Let’s start with the basics. You want to get the dream body of yours, or get to a certain strength level, or simply enjoy a healthier lifestyle. BUT there’s so much information out there. It can be overwhelming, I get that. Lost & confused? A virtual coach will be by your side to tell you how to get things done, step by step, covering your food-plan & your training routine.

Instead of spending months in the gym, even years, trying different routines, different approaches & dealing with trial & error, a virtual trainer will get you the “shortcut”. A straightforward plan for you & your needs. This doesn’t mean that modifications and changes will not be needed during the journey. You will still work with your trainer along the way to try things & make your plan better. What is 100% certain is that a trainer will provide you with concrete base. The base of the pyramid: a workout routine designed for your goals with a food plan matching your goals. The rest is details! And will be tailored in time.

Safety & longevity at the gym

One of the common scenarios I see at the gym is people coming for a month or two & never again. Why? Where did their motivation & drive go? What usually happens is that they get a gym membership, check for training routines online & try and follow it without the assistance of a coach.

What follows? Unfortunately, it is easy to hurt yourself when you’re a beginner & still do not know how to perform exercises the right way. Remember, form & execution of movements are very essential. Don’t do this mistake. Don’t cut your fitness journey from the start, because of a faux-pas. A virtual trainer will teach you how to perform exercises & how to stay safe at the gym.

Thinking of level-ing up your training? Taking things more seriously? It’s tough to design a program that’s very specific & detailed. A virtual trainer will do the job for you. Not to forget, no matter how hard you train, if your diet doesn’t match your fitness goals, you will not see the results you want. We got you covered.

Lacking motivation & mental support? We got that covered too.

Convenience: Freedom of timing & location. Too busy? Messy schedule & daily routine? Can’t fit a session with a PT? Get your workouts online & go to the gym anytime YOU like, Independently!

Budget. PT sessions are not the cup of tea of every one. Get the assistance of a virtual-PT for less of charge.

These are the most important points of why you should seek the help of a virtual coach.

Check out our online coaching packages, we got the perfect fit for your needs.

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Your coach,

Diane J.