Hey y’all 😊How are you all doing?

Today was a tough one for me.
I Woke up feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck, seriously!

From The moment I got out of bed, I could already tell that it’s going to be a long and tiring day.

What was awaiting for me to top it off? A scheduled morning cardio, before I start my day😢
I dragged myself out of the house with no much thinking so I don’t end up skipping it. #truestory
I also hoped the mental & physical tiredness will fade away once I start my walk.

A little bit of background for you:
– Yesterday was a leg-day for me. So, yes! I do understand my body being sore & tired. But this was beyond that. I was literally very low on energy.
– We had already decided, a week ago, to make my cardio sessions less intensive & less aggressive on my body, bones & joints. Thus, coach suggested outdoor easy walks instead of treadmill or bike sessions.
This strategy works great on the mental aspect too! Walking outside removes the boredom & the repetitiveness which were a big struggle for me. Any activity done outside feels much better than being trapped in 4 walls & on a machine, at least that’s how I feel.

– We are upping the calories this week to slow down the rate of my fat/weight loss. We don’t want to risk more muscle loss. I am still dieting, in a caloric deficit, but in a less aggressive way.

So, the walk started rough & I was expecting that. The first steps are always the hardest but it gets better after 5-10 min. Music helps enormously!
Today, this did NOT happen.
I walked & walked but nothing would change my mood. Not the music, not the road, not the scenery, not even seeing people walking across me (Which usually pushes me & motivates me).

Even The weather was on my side, trying to help me. It wasn’t too sunny, and I could even feel the light breeze touching my skin & face. Usually this gives me a great feeling, the sense of being alive, being here 🌚
Today? It didn’t help me at all.

Nothing was helping. Nothing was changing my mood or mindset.
Every step I took felt tougher & rougher than the ones before. My walk didn’t get smoother; It was getting harder.
True story, every time I do my cardio workout which is my BIGGEST struggle, I actively search for motivation. I seek it around me, within me…. Just to keep pushing myself.

I always remind myself of Ashley Horner & how tough she is.

“If she could endure through all of that in the most challenging circumstances; then you got nothing to complain about. This is a piece of cake”; thoughts like this would be filling my brain. Self pep-talk works (usually), but not today.

I am stubborn. I really am. And that’s what got me through my morning walk today. I was too stubborn to accept defeat. I finished it, slow paced & heavier steps, but i got it done! Completed what I had to do.

Dedication & discipline are sort of stubbornness, I like the fact that I am this stubborn. It saves me from giving up & quitting too early. It allows me to push myself as much as I can & sometimes even more.

Today, I am happy to say, I COMPLETED my cardio workout. I didn’t give in

Mind over matter (in a rational way of course) !!

I hope this story inspires you & I hope you rarely wake up feeling this tired. Cause that is not the best way to start a day with!

Tomorrow is another day!

Diane J.

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