Hey Guys,
I’m excited to share with you my something I’ve been working hard for for quite some time now ….. Drum rolls……… BIKINI COMPETITIONS!

I’m very thrilled to start this new chapter in my fitness journey!! It’s like a fire lit inside me 🙂 I’m excited to test my potentials & see how far I can go with this passion.
My first try-out competition will be happening soon, November 2018, which is in almost 5 weeks from now. And, it’s going to be a bikini-fitness competition.

We were aiming at bikini (only) competitions but I faced VISA issues with plan A (pure Elite comp in UK)! So, plan changed & we are going to Dubai.
That’s why we are left with the option of bikini-fitness which is a combination of bikini posing + fitness (gym gear) posing.

Emotions are pretty mixed to be honest. Some days I feel great & ready for it. Other times, I feel scared & worried.

We are keeping things real & objective vs having unrealistic hopes & expectations.
I know I won’t be having the best package I could dream of, size & leanness wise. So, I am very aware of it; but at the same time, we will be doing everything to get on that stage with the best look I can bring on.

It’s hard being a perfectionist yet accepting the fact that you can’t look like a pro-bikini athlete from your first bikini competition experience. LOL. Funny right?

This will be a learning experience that I really need! So, I can get a feel of the whole experience & get my feet wet.
Then accordingly, we will plan for a real & better prepared competitions for 2019, if all goes well.

2019 would be the year where I’ll be focusing on muscle growth. With a fuller look, more mature muscles, we could push the weight-loss even further & achieve a leaner physique.

For now, I can’t push more with weight-loss since we don’t want to risk losing more muscle mass.

What else? Oh yes, POSING! OMG that is a tough one. Specially without a 1-on-1 posing coach, teaching myself how to walk & get the bikini-poses done is very difficult.
This would be something I would need to work on more during the coming year!!
Practice, practice, practice!!!

So, long story short, I’m very excited yet scared to go on stage in a month. But also, I can not wait for next year. I’m very excited to embark in this journey & give it my all.

Dieting is hard but training on a deficit is harder.
I will be sharing more about this whole experience in the coming posts so stay tuned!!

This is just the introduction 🙂

Also, check out my Youtube channel. I’ve already uploaded 2 videos from my bikini-prep journey. Specially, if you’re interested in diet strategies & glycogen loading & mock prep, you can watch my 1st experience with that.

Youtube Channel:

My instagram account: @dianesfitworld
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Not to forget, my coach: Peter Bond who’s handling my nutrition & training.
His website: https://peterbond.nl/
Facebook: Peter bond
Instagram: @Peterbond.nl

See you soon with a new post in this Bikini-prep diary 🙂

Diane J.