I want to write today about evolution as a human being, as a coach and as a competitor-to-be.

First of all, let’s start with this broad question: what do you want THE MOST in life?
My answer would be: to be more, to be better. No matter what aspect we are discussing, I always want to grow better at it.

So, how can I become a better coach, a better athlete or a better human being if I don’t keep on learning?! The answer is simple: I can’t!
This takes me to my next point: How to learn? Obviously, the answer is “it depends”. It depends on what I am trying to learn.

  • To learn more about life & being human, life in general, experiences, interactions with people, challenges & struggles will teach me.
  • To learn more in my professional theme, text books, academic degrees, work experience will teach me more.
  • To learn more as a competitor/athlete, experience, trials & errors, hiring coaches will teach me.

In all the above cases, even when the teaching tools are given or existing around me, I will NOT evolve or learn more if: I do NOT let GO of my EGO!

Ego can be the end of your evolution & growth.

  • Having a know-it-all approach will be the reason why people remain where they are.
  • In life, in your career & relations, you need to accept that you don’t know everything. You just can’t know EVERY thing.
  • You should accept to be the student & the teacher; to have BOTH roles. I can be the teacher when working with my TARGET clients. I’ll be their nutritionist &  trainer. when it’s time for me to learn MORE than I know, I become the student.
  • You need to ASK for help from more experienced & more knowledgeable people will keep me the same.
  • You got a master’s degree? well there’s even a higher education than that.
    You got 5 years of work experience? Some has 15+ years & can teach you more.

In the fitness field for instance, can I be a master in all of its areas & aspects? Impossible!
That’s why I seek more; I want to evolve. I accept that I need to KEEP LEARNING.

I’m a coach who hires a coach every time I’m trying a new aspect in my field.
I asked for help when I jumped into the strength training & power-lifting area of fitness. That’s how I know more about it now. And, I can pass my knowledge on my clients  & community. I was the student & now the teacher.

I asked for help when I decided to learn more about bikini athletes. That’s how I am almost 4 weeks out from my first bikini-competition.

You see, you got two options:
– You can either pretend to know it all & stay the same.

– Or, be wise & humble to evolve!

I choose option 2 always.

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