Hi guys, I’m back with the “DON’T FOOL YOURSELF SERIES”.

And Today, I’ll do the opening with an important topic: Weight-loss & Scale.

We know by now (I’ve covered this in my IG posts a lot @dianesfitworld) that when trying to lose weight, you should NOT focus on the scale ALONE. Why?
1) Your body weight will fluctuate daily. It means, a single increase in body weight, or a stagnation (no change), or a even a single drop in your body weight is NOT SIGNIFICANT MUCH. You’re confused? Don’t be. What matter is your WEEKLY AVERAGE. You should not worry about daily changes. As long as your weekly average is showing a drop, a decrease, then you’re losing weight.

2) Weight loss is not linear. Weight can go up & down during this journey. Again, what matter is to see a DECREASE pattern in your weekly average.

3) Body measurements: waist, hips, thighs, butt, quads, arms etc. So even when you weight is fluctuating & confusing you, these numbers can indicate if you’re losing weight or not. So, regardless of what the scale is saying, you’re dropping inches?cms? off your body part; then you ARE losing fat/weight.

4) Pictures, clothes fittings, mirror reflection etc all these are subjective yet significant tools to assess your progress.

Where is the truth vs lie part in all this?

BODY RE-COMPOSITION | What does it mean?

It means your body-weight stays the same because you are losing fat BUT building muscle AT THE SAME TIME & in the SAME AMOUNT(kg).
So, let’s say in a given period of months, you lost 1kg of fat but also gained 1kg of muscle. This means your body weight didn’t change ON THE SCALE. But, you did LOSE FAT.

Is this true? Or is it a lie?
This is true CONDITIONALLY (in SOME cases only!!). It turns into a big-fat-lie when it is fed to every one!

I see this all the time around me, from new clients to random gym members, who believe they are losing fat even if their weight is not changing on the scale.
Well, I know how good it feels to believe that you are having a body re-composition. But, you’re not! (Sorry to say).
If you are:

  • overweight, or obese, or have a good amount of weight to lose (10kg+);
  • Also, you mainly do cardio;
  • or light weight circuit exercises, body weight workouts,

Your weight should decrease or else you’re not losing fat. YOU ARE NOT DIETING. YOU ARE NOT IN A DEFICIT.

You, in no way, are building muscle at the same rate as losing fat.

Specially female clients, it is (nearly) impossible for you to gain muscle with no-to-little training. As females, we can not grow muscle fast enough. Even if beginners in general build muscle fast; but as a female beginner, your muscle building capacity is very slow.

Bottom line: if you got a good amount of weight to lose, SCALE number should go DOWN (the dropping pattern of Your weekly average).
DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF thinking ” I’m building muscle & losing fat, that’s why my weight isn’t changing on the scale”.

Case study:

A female client of mine stayed at the same weight of 80kg for 3 months (when she wasn’t my client yet); She was fed with this “lie” that although her weight isn’t dropping, she is still losing fat. How? because she’s gaining muscle mass.

→ Little facts about her:

She was NOT even training, only doing some cardio.
She was on a “diet” which had high protein intake (but we will not discuss this now).
She was told: she’s been gaining muscle because she’s eating a lot of protein.
Did she buy this? YES! and for 3 months. Why? because “good lies” make you feel good.

Months later, We started working together:

I put her on a deficit DIET plan. Also, gave her a TRAINING plan (cardio + circuit at home routine).
She lost 5.5kg in 3 months, from 80kg to 74.5kg. So, even when she actually started training, her scale number went down. Fat loss is faster than muscle gain.
If you are on a deficit plan, you WILL lose WEIGHT (scale, body measurement, pictures etc).

Message to take home: Be wise, if something sound too good to be true, then most probably IS too good to be real. So ask yourself that! Also, stop wasting time & energy on body-composition tests, and instead focus on sticking to your diet plan & getting your workouts done.
Be patient & committed.

Hope this helped you understand how a fact can turn into a lie based on the “case”.

Body re-composition exists but only conditionally. 80%of general public weight loss stories are not close to it.

Your coach,
Diane J.