Hey guys, picking up from where we left last time…….

So, we are discussing how slow & small is muscle gain compared to fat-loss rate, given the case of a person with a decent amount of weight to lose.
This chart is a sample model (The McDonald Model) of how much muscle mass you can gain in average depending on:
– Years of proper training
– Gender (male vs female)

As you can see, as a beginner and with proper training, you will be able to grow muscle faster than when you become an intermediate lifter. So, during your first year of training, the average muscle growth per month would be around 2lb (1kg) per month.

Note: These values drop by half for female trainees.

Later on, during 2nd & 3rd years of training, this muscle growth slows down and gets to 1-0.5lb (0.5-0.23kg) per month.

Now, are you convinced yet? How slow & small is this muscle-weight gain?!
Back to my original point, even as a beginner, your weight gain (cause by muscle gain) is still very low.
As in, it will not cover or hide your weight loss! It can only lower the drop of weight loss.
For example, losing 3kg of weight per month + gaining 1kg of muscle= 2kg of net loss that you should see on your scale.

If you weren’t training (which I do not recommend), you would purely see that 3kg of weight loss.

Important points to consider:
Why You SHOULD lift & gain muscle, Even if it will cause you to see less of a weight loss on your scale:
1) Lifting weight will add to your caloric burn, The more you move, the more you put out energy. Burning the calories!
2) Lifting weight will shape you up. Whereas, dieting without training can leave you with a saggy body & a “skinny-fat” look.

3) Lifting weight is very good for your joints, bones, posture. You want to have a strong body and not a fragile one.

4) Lifting weight helps you get that “look good naked” & tight body look!
5) Lifting weight is empowering. It builds you & shapes you body & mind.

6) Lifting weight is cool & fun 🙂

Bottom line, you should still notice a drop of weight on your scale every 15-20 days as long as your DIETING RIGHT!
Eat right, lift safe, enjoy the journey!
Do not forget to track your progress & be patient!


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Your coach,
Diane J.