Hi guys,
I want to start these “Don’t Be Fooled” series.

(Photo credit: unknown)

Knowledge is power💪
Do you want to:
A) Be lied to
B) Face reality ❓❓🤔🤔❓❓
Pick ONE ✔If you choose option A:
You will hear what sounds nice & magical🌈🦄
You will be sold with FAKE but LOVELY ideas.
You will be promised the FASTEST results with the LEAST EFFORT!
You will be applauded 👏even when lazy or messing up.
Your EXCUSES will always be validated & justified.

Who needs to face the truth when LIES SOUND NICER TO THE EAR‼
Fake love 💔gives you comfort, right😩

Be 💯sure though, with this option:
👉You are going NOWHERE.
👉You will NOT get to change your life.
👉You will NOT progress
👉You will NOT get to your goals.
DREAMS WILL REMAIN DREAMS‼ ✔If you choose option B:
You will hear REAL advice that might be hard.
You will be given REALISTIC hopes💓
You will be promised ACHIEVABLE results🤩
You will be supported RIGHTFULLY & PASSIONATELY❤
You will be applauded 👏when putting in effort.
You will be uplifted every time you try & fail‼ Will it be easy to hear❓NO
Will you be FOOLED❓NO

What’s guaranteed is:
You’ll move FORWARD✅
You’ll be driven toward YOUR GOALS🔥
You’ll make CHANGES.
DREAMS WILL COME TRUE‼ What did you choose❓A❓or B❓Let me know 👇

I’ll be covering these “scams” & “lies” one by one. The more I learn, the more I’ll share. No matter who you hire, you should always be armed with knowledge (as much as you can, given that this is not your expertise) & an open mind.

I hope you’ll like it. I feel like it is my job as a healthcare-practitioner to educate people & spread awareness. Truth to be told, every business is aimed to make profit out of it, right? It’s the owner’s living. But, this isn’t like any other field, we aren’t selling merchandise, we aren’t dealing with objects & materials. This is about Health & wellness, it’s healthcare. This is why, in my opinion, Nutrition & Fitness industry should be more balanced between “business profits” & ” self-consciousness”. At least that’s how I roll; I want to go to bed at night with a clear conscious & mind.

Your Coach,
Diane J.