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Eat Clean VS Flexible Eating

Let’s talk Dieting strategies today. And how they evolved throughout the years. Starting with the old school dieting method: the EATING CLEAN! What does it mean? Basically, years and years and years ago, bodybuilders or fitness freaks developed this “safe” dieting plan in order to come out of their “building/growth” phase & lose the extra weight/fat. So, as you know “bulking/building” phase is where you eat extra calories to grow bigger & fatter (based on how much MORE you eat). For…

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Personal Training | What’s the added value?

So you’re considering to hire a personal trainer but still feel lost about what to expect to gain from this “extra” service. Let me break it down for you. Let’s start with the “why”, why do you need a personal trainer. I can think of so many occasions where a trainee could benefit from this service, the list is long. Let’s name a few: As a beginner, you are lost in the gym area, are unsure of how to train,…

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