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Hey guys, picking up from where we left last time……. So, we are discussing how slow & small is muscle gain compared to fat-loss rate, given the case of a person with a decent amount of weight to lose. This chart is a sample model (The McDonald Model) of how much muscle mass you can gain in average depending on: – Years of proper training – Gender (male vs female) As you can see, as a beginner and with proper…

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Bulking Diaries – Series – Ep1

I want to start a series of posts about bulking and my current experience with it. We could all learn a thing or two together, right? So, let’s first start with the ” why I wanted to go into a bulking phase”. First, I must note that this is not my first time doing a bulk, aka going on a caloric surplus. But, it is the first time I run with a clear picture; as in tracking macros & micros,…

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