I want to start a series of posts about bulking and my current experience with it. We could all learn a thing or two together, right?

So, let’s first start with the ” why I wanted to go into a bulking phase”.
First, I must note that this is not my first time doing a bulk, aka going on a caloric surplus. But, it is the first time I run with a clear picture; as in tracking macros & micros, tracking weight and its fluctuation, basically doing it with a pen and paper.
While in the past, I have done it freely without counting macros or calories.

After my last free/unplanned bulk, I went into a cut for 3 months and lost around 8kg of body-weight.
While I was very excited seeing a leaner me; it was time to stop the deficit mode.

Together with my coach and mentor, Peter Bond, we decided to get me into bulking mode to:

  • Give myself, mind and body, inside & out a break.
  • Learn to eat more and be ok with it & practice self-acceptance & body acceptance at all levels & phases (I’ll talk in depth about this on other posts).
  • Stop the strength loss: losing 8kg of body weight isn’t easy and it takes its toll on the compound lifts. My squats suffered the most.
  • Preserve the lean body mass (aka, my muscle mass) as much as we can with stopping the deficit & build more with the caloric surplus. I was ready to make gains, in fitness-language, and put on some size back.
  • Get my energy back in the gym & bring my mood back up. Also, my lifts got affected form & strength wise which made the training less enjoyable.

So, as you can see, it was time to fix so many things from hormonal panel to body composition to gym performance to daily life being!

Though bulking might sound easy to do, cause you just need to eat more, right? What’s lovelier than that, right?
It is not! Bulking has its own struggles as well, mental like fighting body image & food issues, expectations of weight gain, accepting the less lean look, dealing with bloat, and not to forget the challenge of tracking food without letting yourself go fully (since goal was to do a planned & tracked surplus vs eat-all- you want approach).

I’ll discuss the above in my next posts one by one.

Please do share your reasons of why you went into a bulk phase. Would love to hear your stories.

We learn a new thing every day 🙂

Let’s evolve together.