Weight fluctuation & Dieting

Dieting & Dealing with weight fluctuation? Take a deep breath & follow me… Let’s start with these questions, ask yourself: – Are you in a caloric deficit? Are you following a meal plan that’s putting you in a caloric deficit at the end of the day/the week? – Are you sticking to your meal plan? Not just have it written but also applying it? – Are you combining your diet plan with a training plan? Resistance training, aerobic training or…

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Evolving as a Human, a coach & a client | Self-Growth

  I want to write today about evolution as a human being, as a coach and as a competitor-to-be. First of all, let’s start with this broad question: what do you want THE MOST in life? My answer would be: to be more, to be better. No matter what aspect we are discussing, I always want to grow better at it. So, how can I become a better coach, a better athlete or a better human being if I don’t keep…

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Diane Jilenkrian PT

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