Personal Training | What’s the added value?

So you’re considering to hire a personal trainer but still feel lost about what to expect to gain from this “extra” service. Let me break it down for you. Let’s start with the “why”, why do you need a personal trainer. I can think of so many occasions where a trainee could benefit from this service, the list is long. Let’s name a few: As a beginner, you are lost in the gym area, are unsure of how to train,…

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Be Wise! Let the coach do the coaching

Hello, Let’s talk about professional expertise & results today. Why is it important to hire a coach🏃‍? What do you do when feeling ill & sick? Call/see a Dr. Why do you visit a dentist👩‍🔬? To take care of your teeth health. Why do you call a plumber👨‍🔧? To fix your household pipes. It’s the same concept behind why you’d hire ANY professional for their expertise. 👉Same applies to the nutrition & fitness industry! You want a solution for your…

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Cheat Meal vs Refeed day

Cheat meal Let’s first touch base with the word “cheat”. Cheating is a wrong thing to do, right? The word itself is associated with guilt, regret, shame and self-judgement, All in all negative feelings! For many years, in the beginning of my fitness journey, I was influenced by so many bodybuilders’ & fitness-models’ posts that I created a sort of disordered thinking regarding food. I would label it as “allowed” or “forbidden”, “good” or “bad”, “clean” or “cheat”. But as…

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